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The databank called Statbank is a database which is free of charge and contains data about the Faroese community. You can choose to download data from this database in several file formats and have the data presented as diagrams or maps. In the Themes section there are collected data that provide a wide-ranging, statistical description of the Faroese community, while the Key Figures section contains a collection of current statistics published in tables. Statistics Faroe Islands produces different papers and some of them can be found under Publications.

If you have comments or questions, please contact us. Information about the staff, prices for services and links to other web sites are included in the section called About us. 


Census 2011

All tables from Census 2011 of the Faroe Islands are now available here. Most of the tables comply with the recommandations from UN and Eurostat. It is therefore possible to compare Faroese with similar international statistics. In addition the English version of the Census Statistical Bank also includes a number of tables with particular Faroese dimensions. For further inquiries on Census 2011 please contact Jógvan Bærentsen – email: jogvanb@hagstova.fo.